Cleric Spells

Know ye that the Ancient Liturgy of Truth hath been in the care of our sect for 3000 years. Never, through the passing of each generation, hath our sacred custodianship been betrayed. We now enjoin thee, guard well the secrets held within these pages. For thee, they shall be an immeasurable blessing, but if they are revealed to one of the unenlightened, great harm could befall him. The proper use of the supplications contained within this manuscript will be thine aid in combating the evils of this world.

The supplications herein are listed in ascending order of power. Most of them will be unusable until thou hast trod many paths and gained great wisdom. If thou devotes thy whole being to these Truths, the power to perform actual miracles will be granted thee. As thou art exalted enough to be close to the One, the power even over life and death may be thine. Take heed that thou dost not use these previous gifts in a frivolous manner, but for the betterment of the order.

Receive now my blessing through the dark veil of time. Know always that within thyself Truth was discovered, and that this Truth forms the basis of unyielding power.
The Prophet

Evil takes many forms throughout Sosaria, and some of the most evil are the Undead. Skeletons, ghouls, and zombies roam free in dungeons, forests and open terrain. Although they are formidable opponents in battle, there is a basic weakness in their essence. These servants of evil are vestiges of former living beings now inhabited by an evil force.
If thou should encounter undead creatures, raise thy ankh of Truth before them. If thou dost stand strong in the spirit of Good, evil shall be dispelled from their beings and only their rotting corpses shall remain.

Often the chest which thou shalt find along thy journeys will contain a trap, the intent of which is to damage thee and thy party. Since thou dost have the innate ability to know the true nature of evil, thou can overcome this difficulty.
To open a chest with no risk of injury to thyself or thy party, pour a few drops of holy water into the lock and invoke the aid of the One who is all Truth by raising the holy ankh over the chest. It will open freely and allow thee to grasp its inner treasures.

Thy powers for healing will be often needed. The healing of minor wounds can be accomplished with this simple supplication. Through the channel which thy selfless devotion creates in thee, Truth and forces of Good can act directly in this world.
Merely lay thy hands upon the one who is to be healed, and his wounds will be mended beneath thy touch. In the beginning thine ability will be limited, but with thine other powers, thy capacity to act as a healer will grow and be strengthened by experience.

The powers of thine enlightenment shall gradually unfold before thee. Resting at thy hand is the ability to enchant objects in a manner which will make them glow. Whilst holding thy staff aloft, repeat the name of this enchantment. Doing so, the power of the Truths within thee will cause thy staff to glow with a soft blue light.
Realize, however, that this light will not be long sustained. For the power brought through thee unto thy staff will slowly radiate away and soon will dim and fade.

Part of thine enlightenment is the realization that there are no boundaries. When this truth is known unto thee, the material world is far less limiting than ordinarily supposed.
As thou descendeth deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth, thou shall likewise be descending into greater evil. Being thyself of a good nature, this tends to give thee a natural buoyancy, as if in water. Speak the name of this supplication whilst touching thy staff to the ceiling of a dungeon passage. This will cause the ceiling to become translucent; thee and thy party will freely float to the next higher dungeon level.

The range of thine ability for spiritual movement is not limited to ascension. Far below the earth's surface, and far below the deepest recesses of the deepest dungeon, flow the molten streams and rivers which feed the earth's core. Here also resides The Great Evil. Due to thy natural buoyancy, downward travel is somewhat more difficult and less desirable than upward. If thou must descend into evil, speak the name of this supplication whilst tapping thy staff upon the floor. The floor will become translucent; thee and thy party will slowly sink to the next lower dungeon level.

This is the most difficult of the spiritual movements. The planar motion allowed here must begin within a dungeon chamber.
Lib Rec differs from the two previous supplications in the following way: Instead of the earth allowing the physical form to pass, now thy form itself shall become translucent. As thou dost fade in one location thou shalt slowly appear in another.
To initiate this motion, speak the name of this invocation whilst circling thy staff above thy head. As thou stoppeth the spinning staff so wilt thy journey stop.

Alcort is a specialized form of healing. Poison is a horror all being fear for with it comes almost certain death. Only with the assistance of the divine power can thou halt the ravages of this great evil.
With thy touch, the poison coursing in the veins of thy companion shall be transformed into a life-giving fluid which soothes the body and brings peace unto the soul.
Thou can rest confident that thou hast delivered one from the grasp of poison. This power has been promised by the One whose covenant has never been broken.

Occasionally during journeys unto the lower depths of the subterranean, thy party may run into great trouble. This could be the death or near death of a party member, starvation besieging thy entire party, or becoming lost with little hope of finding thy way.
This supplication is the beseechment of the greater Truth to aid the weary traveler in escaping his rocky tomb. If thou raiseth thy holy ankh into the air and cryeth out the name of this invocation, thee and thy companions shall rise forth from the depths, guided by the divine Truth unto the Sosarian surface.

Thine enlightenment hath expanded and will continue to unfold like the star-filled heavens above.
The first light which thy Truth created for thee was wondrous indeed, and luminance of this sort will continue to be of great service to thee. Yet in order to fulfill some greater needs, more enduring illumination is required.
If thou dost now meditate on this enchantment, thine entire self will radiate from the light of Truth. Know that even this light cannot be sustained indefinitely, for it doth draw from thine own inner force.

The grasses have grown and seeded many times since thy journey began. Thou hast trod many paths and gained much wisdom. Thou hast now the power to perform actual miracles. To take one who has been shredded by an opponent's sword, quivering on the threshold of death, and restore him to life; this miracle is now thine.
Prepare a small tin of fine scented oil and ask that it be blessed with the perfection and holiness of Truth. Anoint the wounds with the oil, allowing it to penetrate deeply. Before thine eyes the flesh will draw together and be restored, and the blood will once again begin to flow through his veins.

If thou should lose thy way, either in the gloomy crevices of a dungeon, or in a dark forbidding forest, the miracle of Vieda can light thy way. Meditate on thy need for guidance for a goodly time, and when thou dost feel sufficiently purified, rub a small quantity of Holy water onto thine eyelids.
If thou hast meditated sufficiently, the greater Truths shall miraculously unfold before thine eyes. Whether thou art in a dungeon or on the surface, a vision of thy current surroundings will come to thee.

Occasionally thee and thy companions will be set upon by creatures of great might and evil. Opposing these foes can be a difficult task at best. The liturgy of Truth provides also for this need.
Should thy party encounter an evil foe of great strength thou may wish to call upon the miracle of Excuun. By holding the holy ankh of Truth in the direction of thy foe and speaking the name of this great miracle, thou can direct the pure light of the holy force of Truth at thy foe, and the life within one of thy foes shall cease.

Thine enlightenment has led thee to step beyond almost every limitation of this earth. It is now within thy power to step into the realm of death and draw one who has been there engulfed back into the world of life.
Release thy spirit and allow it to venture into the very shadow of death, touching the spirit of the one who slumbers there. Lead thy poor companion back from the shadow of death and life will once again be his. If, however, thy companion's strength of will is not strong enough to make the return journey, the backlash from this failed miracle will turn his body to ashes.

The letters which head this entry represent the seven words of anti-creation. They are the words which release the fury of Truth upon the world. No entire word is ever written, for should even the letters which represent their sounds be brought together on a page, the release of power would cause destruction of untold magnitude.
If thou should encounter a situation so evil as to require their use, speak them softly only to the air beside thee. Most of thy foes will be struck down with a force so strong it will end this life, and all other potential lives within them.

Once a body hath turned to ash, the soul which once inhabited it is sent on to its next life. It therefore takes a miracle of enormous magnitude to reclaim it.
Realise first that the spirit must leave another body and another life in order to return to thee. If thou perceives that the need for the return of thy companion is so great as to be willing to give five marks of thy wisdom in sacrifice, then beseech the One who is Truth and Wisdom. Allow a tear from each of thine eyes to fall upon the ashes. As thy tears mix with the ashes, so shall they reconstitute before thee, and life shall be restored.

I, Lord British, would like to acknowledge the following persons for their invaluable assistance in creating this book. Margaret Ellen Weigers, for the majority of works herein. Roe R. Adams III, for the introduction and conceptual assistance. Richard A. Garriott for a great deal of uneducated editing. Robert, Marcy, Owen, and Helen Garriott for educated editing.

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