Retaining original "date added" when data is merged

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Retaining original "date added" when data is merged

Post by funkstress » Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:17 am

Before I let Song Sergeant do its thing, I want to make sure the retained tracks will keep the earliest "date added" info in the song's metadata.

In my list of duplicates, in many cases, the song marked for "track info" is not the song with with earliest "added" date. (In my case, different dates are likely the result of re-importing some songs during an iTunes library crash a while back.)

For example, many songs in the dup list show a track with a 2011 add date, while the duplicate shows an original add date in 2004. The older (2004 add date) track may be marked as the audio file to retain, but the file marked to use for data has the newer add date (2011.)

I'd like to retain the earliest, original date I added my songs to iTunes - I find it helpful to be able to sort by date added. Often I look for songs based on when I know it was originally added, say in 2004 or after 2009.

Does Song Seargeant know to retain the earliest date, or is that something I have to manually fix in the list (or perhaps use a work-around for)?

Many thanks in advance for any and all help with this!
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Re: Retaining original "date added" when data is merged

Post by beastie » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:40 am

I'm afraid that while Song Sergeant displays this information, it currently cannot "automark" based upon the file (audio data) with the earliest Date Added. One would therefore need to go through the duplicates list and manually ensure that the oldest Added audio data is ticked for each set of duplicates.

It's a very sensible idea to have "Oldest Date Added" and "Newest Date Added" available in the audio data section of Song Sergeant's Automark preferences. I'd be pretty surprised if this doesn't appear in the next beta :-)
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