My SS running very slow and never finishes!

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My SS running very slow and never finishes!

Post by komputergod » Mon Nov 28, 2011 6:30 am

When I first bought SS, it zipped right along and did a very good job eliminating dupes in my 50,000+ library. I eventually moved my library to a 2TB external hard drive and that's when things went south. Now, when I try to run SS, it scans the library fine but when it comes to eliminating the dupes it just sits there forever. Every now and then it will restart itself and just sit there for hours without ever doing what it's supposed to do. Am I missing something when I added the external HD? I'm using a new MacBook Pro with a Fantom 2TB hard drive. I've even reinstalled SS and it still does the same thing. I have run Disc Utilities on both drives and repaired permissions to no avail. Any ideas?
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Re: My SS running very slow and never finishes!

Post by beastie » Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:28 am

There is a known issue where on some systems iTunes becomes very unresponsive to communications from 3rd party applications such as Song Sergeant. Generally, Song Sergeant is good at coping with this kind of situation but it seems to be further complicated when working with a music library stored on an external volume.

Unfortunately, we have had absolutely no luck reproducing the problem here -- externally located iTunes libraries (firewire disk, USB disk, network volume) all work flawlessly for us here with Song Sergeant. You might be able to help us track down the problem:

1) See if we have already improved the situation by trying the beta version of the next release:

2) Run Song Sergeant on your library until it starts experiencing problems, then quit out of it. Send us ( the resulting log file of its activities, which is found in your (home directory) / Library / Application Support / Song Sergeant. If you're on Lion, to get in your Library folder you'll need to use a menu command in Finder: Go > Go to Folder... > Go to the folder: "~/Library" > click Go.

3) Send us your iTunes library XML file. It's the newest .xml file within your iTunes folder. It will be large, but Finder's "Compress" command makes it much smaller.
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