Compilations getting info

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Compilations getting info

Post by clarkeperformance » Fri Sep 14, 2007 12:07 pm

I have recently made the Jump from CDs to Apple lossless and Itunes.
First thank you for it is great to get the lyrics and some art that Itunes misses.

My question is how do I best get info on compilations, best of, soundtracks, samplers, etc Is there less information available for these in general?
Do I need to do this one album at a time?

Also I have used the compilation check mark for some albums so I do not see multiple covers in coverflow. What other ways around this are there? I can't find anything that indicates the sort order issues that create this?

Is there a place I can find that shows how Itunes sorts the songs?

I don't mean the primary sort I understand that I mean the secondary fields.

Thank You
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