MPFreaker Corrupts Data & Fails to Embed Properly

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MPFreaker Corrupts Data & Fails to Embed Properly

Post by baristabrian » Mon Apr 04, 2011 4:25 am

MPFreaker routinely flags songs that play just fine in iTunes (some of which were recently ripped, others which I've had for years in my Library with *no* indication of trouble) as needing rebuilding.

Many of these, upon "rebuilding," have Artists' names added (with "Space" + "Hyphen" + "Space") in the Song Title field and DELETE the Artists names for the Artist Field. Also, radomly adds "TIT1" and "TIT2" and "APIC" and "API" to parts of the Artists' names.

Also, routinely fails to recognize good artwork that *has* (in fact) been added/embedded in individual Song files.

Furthermore, when it does find artwork, it *frequently* fails to embed the artwork in the respective Song file; artwork doesn't show up.

Likewise with Lyrics for hundreds of songs it did find. Lyrics can be "inspected" with Lyric Inspector, but don't show up in iTunes.

I've been using MPFreaker for a long time and it's definitely a love/hate relationship. The above problems have been on-going and annoying

Oh, and the most recent bug I discovered? It shows dozens of songs *twice* for the scanned playlist ... when, in fact, the songs only occur *once* in the playlist.


I'm going to try some other apps to manage my Library and see if the are as buggy.
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Very little of these are known problems

Post by beastie » Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:34 am

The only known issue I can point out is that when MPFreaker's preferences have "Write MP3 ID3 v2.4 tags as:" set to "Proper specification format", iTunes is likely to have trouble reading the artwork and lyrics embedded in MP3 tracks using ID3v2.4 tags. That's why "iTunes-compatible format" is the default for this setting. I suspect this may be what's behind 2 or 3 of the problems you've mentioned.

If anyone encounters problems like anything baristabrian has indicated (including baristabrian!), please contact us at and we'd love to track down what's happening. Because some of what baristabrian mentions are not known issues that we've encountered here, they'll be difficult or impossible for us to find and fix without a followup.

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