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Icloud Status - priority search when a duplicate is found

Posted: Tue Dec 08, 2015 1:41 pm
by dbaps
Can you include Icloud status as part of the duplicate search? For example, an icloud status of "match" should always come before an icloud status of "duplicate", at least as an option. The issue here could be the bitrate of the duplicate being higher than the match. If this occurs, the person may prefer the duplicate.

Re: Icloud Status - priority search when a duplicate is foun

Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:17 pm
by dbaps
Not including the icloud status with criteria is becoming more and more of a nuisance. We now have Itunes music with an Icloud status of "no longer available." Then we have a large selection of choices, waiting, matched, uploaded, Purchased, Ineligible, Removed, Error, duplicate, Apple Music, not uploaded. By far the biggest problem is removing the non-DRM song and keeping the one with DRM. Letting me work off of a smart playlist, so that I can define what Song Sergeant should look at seems to me to be an easy first step. I can create a smart playlist with all of my music except the DRM or Apple Music. But I would also remove many of the other icloud status options for the smart playlist such as error, waiting, and ineligible. The one saving grace is that if the wrong version is deleted, icloud allows a new download to take place, basically doing a restore of what's on my hard disk.

I'm sure having to deal with all of these conditions individually is a lot of work for you. This is why I think putting the choice in the hands of the user with a smart playlist is the way to go. What do I do now? I create a copy of my Itunes library, eliminating all of the bad icloud status songs. Then I can use Song Sergeant specifically on just the good songs in my collection.

There is an option to not allow the DRM music. This is also another way I can control some of what is going on too. What I've done is create a family member with just drm Apple Music. This allows me to not have to worry about mixing Apple Music songs with my own collection. I can still get the benefit of downloading songs I don't own by just switching my Apple device over to the user account with the drm Apple music. This also keeps my Itunes Match clean with just my own music.