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New Feature Suggestion

Posted: Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:49 pm
by Paolo1234
I love Song Segeant and it's saved me hours of my time after integrating various Itunes Libraries into one. There is only one thing that I wish could be changed...

Currently, Song Sergeant forces you to search for duplicates that share the same Track Title/Name. Unfortunately, I also have many duplicates that are not picked up due to a slight variation in the Track Name i.e. two tracks with the track name "It's Alright" will be picked up but duplicate tracks with the names "It's Alright (Original Mix)" and "It's Alright [Original Mix]" or/and "It's Alright (Original Club Mix)" will not show up as duplicates. Given Song Sergeant does ensure consistency in Artist names, it would be great if the track name requirement could be disabled and for a search to be performed on tracks with say exactly the same duration by the same artist or even searching for duplicate tracks that sound phonetically similar.