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just bought SongS - Errors when trying to delete tracks

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:53 am
by leeD1141
Rung the scans etc. Is removing the duplicates quite well, slower than expected, though is a large library. Ive got 4 tracks that SS has identified as missing, I cannot locate these tracks in iTunes, they do not exist, Ive scoured through my iMac, but cannot locate these files, there not hidden, there not on another drive, there just not on my Mac or in my iTunes library. Every time I try to delete them, i get an error message, saying to re scan and try again, this has been done many many times now. But Im still unable to resolve this, the application, halts with the window of the missing files, and stops the removal of the duplicates. When I go to the bottom of the screen and try to highlight and show in finder, all other tracks i can show in Finder, but the missing tracks, there is nothing when I right click to get information.
Obviously Im very new to the application, but I can't see that I have anything set that would prevent me, from find these missing tracks, which SS says i have but iTunes says I don't.
Suggestions are very welcome.
Many Thanks