Using MPFreaker for iPod Library

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Using MPFreaker for iPod Library

Post by sexytuta » Sat Jun 03, 2006 8:08 am


I just purchased MPFreaker and I'm glad I did. However, I found some problems:
1. The artworks I downloaded with MPFreaker do show on MPFreaker drawer, but NOT on my iPod.
2. It seems that MPFreaker changed many song titles into three or four capital letter. I didn't even check the "replace title" check box.

Please help me.


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Working directly with songs on iPod

Post by beastie » Sun Jun 04, 2006 7:52 am

The four-letter names are the actual filenames of your songs on the iPod, as named by iTunes when it put them on there (e.g. /iPod/iPod_Control/Music/F00/GAZF.mp3). As Apple has made the iPod_Control directory invisible and chosen such a non-user friendly naming scheme, they obviously don't intend anyone to interact with the songs stored on an iPod aside from using iTunes to do so. For this reason, LairWare doesn't advocate using MPFreaker to directly work with the songs stored on an iPod. I do not know why some songs on your iPod are now appearing as their file names (the four letter codes).

That said, long ago I tested working with songs directly on an iPod (4G) in order to see what would happen, and I didn't have any problems. iTunes didn't seem quite as responsive to reflecting changes made in MPFreaker, but always seemed to reflect them eventually. I haven't seen anything like what you describe, but iTunes does store a lot of other proprietary undocumented stuff within the iPod_Control directory hierarchy, and I can certainly imagine iTunes occasionally having a problem with inconsistencies arising from external modification of the contents of iPod_Control.

I would guess that the Video iPod (5G) relies upon iTunes to set up access to the album artwork, and does not itself directly access the artwork in the song files.

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