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MPF is trying to compare my songs with unknown music!

Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:31 am
by CaptD
For a number of my songs, MPF is trying to compare my songs with unknown music! I've got a group of songs that I digitized from cassettes and have listed these as songs with titles that have a Letter and a number like B6. When I run a scan/Go MPF gives me lots of weird error messages like this (BTW: I do not own Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Jazz Guitar!):

-- 'Big Band Jazz B6' not on 'Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Jazz Guitar':1:Tuning Notes, 2:Gmaj7 Am7 D7 Gmaj7, 3:Dm7 G7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7, 4:Dm7 Em7b5 A+7 Dm7, 5:Fmaj7 F#dim7 Gm7 C7 Am7 Dm7 Gm7 C7 Fmaj7, 6:Cmaj7 D7b5 Dm7 Db7 Cmaj7 C#dim7 Dm7 Db7 Cmaj7, 7:Fm7 C+7 Fm7 Bb7 Abmaj7 Bbm7 A7 Abmaj7, 8:Bbm7 Bbm(maj7) Cm7b5 F7 Bbm7, 9:Bbmaj7 D+7 Ebmaj7 F7 Bbmaj7, 10:Cmaj9 Dm9 G13 Cmaj9, 11:F9 Bb13 F9 Bb13 F9, 12:Eb9 Dm9 Eb9 Dm9 Eb9 Dm9 Em7b5 A+7 Dm9 Dm9, 13:Cm9 Dbmaj13 Cm9 Dbmaj13 Cm9, 14:Am11 Cm11 Am11, 15:Cmaj7 Em7b5 A7b9 Dm9 G7 G7#5 Cmaj7, 16:Fmaj7 F#dim7 Gm7 C7 Eb9#11 D7b9 Gm7 C7 Fmaj7, 17:Gm7 D7#9 Gm7 G7b9 Cm7 G7#9 Cm7 Am7b5 D7#9#5 Gm7, 18:Ebmaj7 Emaj7#11 Ebmaj7 A7b5 Abmaj7 Ebmaj7, 19:Gmaj7 G6 Gmaj7 G6 Gm7 Gm6 Gm7 Gm6 Gmaj7, 20:F7sus4 Bb7sus4 F7sus4 Bb7sus4 F7sus4, 21:Dm Dm(maj7) Dm7 Dm6 Gm7 C7sus4 C7 Fmaj7, 22:Gmaj7 G#dim7 Am7 A#dim7 Gmaj7/B Am7b5 D7b9 C/D G69, 23:G69 G#dim7 Am7 D+7 Gmaj7, 24:Cmaj7 Cm7 D7 Db7 C69, 25:D69 E7 Gmaj7 Bb13 A+7 D69 Eb69 D69, 26:Bb6 G7 Cm9 F13 Bbmaj9, 27:Dmaj7 Bm7 Em7 A7 Dmaj7 (Dmaj9 Bm7 Em9 A13 Dmaj9), 28:Fm7 Eb7 Db7 C7 Fm7 (Fm9 Eb9 Db9 C7#9 C7b9 Fm7), 29:Dm9 Eb13 Dm9 Em7b5 A7#9#5 Dm9 (Dm7 Eb7 Dm7 Em7b5 A7 Dm7), 30:Cmaj9 C#dim7 Dm11 G+9 Cmaj7 C9 Fmaj7 Fm7 C69 Eb7/G Dm11 G+9 Cmaj9 A7b5 D7b9 G+7 Cmaj9 (C6 c#dim7 Dm7 G7 C6 C7 Fmaj7 Fm7 C6 Eb7 Dm7 G7 C6 A7 D7 G7 C6), 31:Cmaj7 Dm7 Em7 A7 (Eb7#9) Dm7 G7 (Db7) Cmaj7, 32:Gmaj7 E7(Bbmaj7) Am7(Ebmaj7) D7(Abmaj7) Gmaj7, 33:G7 (Db9) C9 G7, 34:Cmaj7 (Cmaj7 Bb13) A7(A13 Eb9) Dm7(Dm9 Ab+7) G7(G13 Dbmaj7) Cmaj7, 35:Bb7(Bb13 E9 Eb9) Eb7 (A13) Bb7(Bb13 G+7) G7 Cm7(Cm11 F#+7 F+7) F7 (B7) Bb7, 36:Big Band - Medium Swing - Satin Doll, 37:Big Band - Uptempo Swing - Take the "A" Train, 38:Big Band - Ballads - A Nightingale Sang In Berkely Square, 39:Small Combo - Bebop Blues - Billie's Bouce (Bill's Bounce), 40:Small Combo - Modal Jazz - Impressions, 41:Small Combo - Jazz Waltz - Bluesette, 42:Small Combo - Ballads - My One And Only Love, 43:Latin Jazz - Bossa Nova - Desafinado, 44:Latin Jazz - Samba - Samba De Orfeu, 45:Improvising Over Dominant Chords - Mixolydian, 46:Improvising Over Dominant Chords - Phrygian Dominant, 47:Improvising Over Dominant Chords - Lydian Dominant, 48:Improvising Over Dominant Chords - Super Locrian, 49:Improvising Over Dominant Chords - Domanant Diminished | Whole Tone | Mixolydian b6, 50:Improvising Over Major Chords - Ionian, 51:Improvising Over Major Chords - Lydian, 52:Improvising Over Major Chords - Lydian #2, 53:Improvising Over Minor Chords - Dorian, 54:Improvising Over Minor Chords - Harmonic Minor, 55:Improvising Over Minor Chords - Melodic Minor | Aeolian | Phrygian, 56:Improvising Over Minor 7b5 Chords - Locrian natural 6 | Locrian #2 | Locrian, 57:Improvising Over Diminished Seventh Chords - Diminished Mode | Whole-Half Diminished Scale, 58:Improvising Over Major 7#5 Chords - Ionian #5 | Lydian Augmented, 59:Early Swing - Honeysuckle Rose, 60:Mainstream Jazz - Moderate Swing - Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes), 61:Mainstream Jazz - Bossa Nova - Watch What Happens, 62:Mainstream Jazz - Ballads - Easy Living, 63:Bebop - Uptempo Bop - Ornithology, 64:Bebop - Blues - Blues in Bb, 65:Bebop - Rhythm Changes - Rhythm Changes in Bb, 66:Post Bop - Bossa Nova - Song For My Father, 67:Post Bop - Minor Blues - Mr. P.C., 68:Post Bop - Dominant Blues - Blues In D, 69:Post Bop - Funk Jazz - Road Song, 70:Amazing Grace, 71:Greensleeves, 72:Saint James Infirmary, 73:My Romance, 74:ii-V Lick Using Diminished Seventh Chords, 75:Lick Using Half Steps, 76:Example Using Passing Chords, 77:Reharmonizing Techniques - Diatonic Substitution - Look For The Silver Lining, 78:Reharmonizing Techniques - Minor Third Substitution, 79:Reharmonizing Techniques - Backcycling - Give My Regards To Broadway, 80:Reharmonizing Techniques - Other Suggestions - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire), 81:I Remember You, 82:Indiana, 83:Misty, 84:Intros & Endings - Intros - I vi ii V, 85:Intros & Endings - Intros - Pedal On V, 86:Intros & Endings - Intros - I bVII Vamp, 87:Intros & Endings - Intros - Turnaround To The I7, 88:Intros & Endings - Intros - Descending Bass Line To The I7, 89:Intros & Endings - Intros - I IV Bossa Vamp, 90:Intros & Endings - Intros - I bVII Bossa Vamp, 91:Intros & Endings - Intros - I vi ii V, 92:Intros & Endings - Intros - Descending Bass Line To The i, 93:Intros & Endings - Intros - Vamp To The ii, 94:Intros & Endings - Intros - 5 #5 6 #5 To The i, 95:Intros & Endings - Endings - Count Basie Ending, 96:Intros & Endings - Endings - Ellington Ending, 97:Intros & Endings - Endings - #IV Ending, 98:Intros & Endings - Endings - bVI bVII I Ending, 99:Intros & Endings - Endings - i bII i Ending