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How can I Add playlists, I've got the XML documents...

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 11:03 am
by CaptD
Is there a way to add & populate more playlists to my iTunes library?


Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:26 am
by beastie
CaptD, I'm not sure what you're asking here (or how it relates to MPFreaker). Could you please elaborate?

How can I add Playlist from music on my desktop?

Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:40 am
by CaptD
I've added music to my iTunes off my desktop but I don't see the playlists associated with that "new" music. I found a all the XML lists but don't know where to put them, in order for them to get populated with my the music after using Song Sgt. and MPF...


Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 9:45 am
by beastie
When adding music to iTunes, it doesn't automatically get added to any playlists (unless you have a Smart playlist which includes recent additions).

The XML file(s) that iTunes has are created and maintained by it, and are not intended to be modified outside of iTunes. Any changes you make to these XML files will be discarded by iTunes pretty quickly.

You'll need to select the tracks in iTunes and choose the menu command "New Playlist from Selection" in the File menu.

Or maybe I still don't understand the question ...


Posted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:15 am
by CaptD
Maybe I should be posting on Song Sgt.?

I know there is a way of "adding a playlist for the music you import to iTunes without manually adding the songs again; if not then there would be a great market for it...

I've got multiple copies of the same song in my library and I cannot delete any one of them because I don't know which copy is connected to which playlist! I should be able to (under show dup's) to highlight those songs that are "connected", so I don't delete them or BETTER YET, why not allow me to reduce the size of my library by having the program suggest the "best" cut of each song ( i.e. digital over analog first then compare with Apple's listed version in the i$tore) and then search my playlists and substitute the best cut for the lesser cut BEFORE REMOVING the lesser cuts, without removing songs from my playlists or my Album files.

Song Sergeant

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:42 pm
by beastie
CaptD, it definitely sounds like you should look into Song Sergeant. It preserves playlists while removing duplicates, and allows you fine control over how it automatically picks what to keep (in addition to letting you preview and manually pick what to keep).


Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2009 3:24 pm
by CaptD
I've bought Song Sgt. and I still want to import additional playlists!

There must be some way to import a NEW playlist (.xml) and then have it "populated" with songs from my iTunes library, without manually adding song after song. Can you think of a way I can do this?

That is what I'm asking about, not using Song Sgt. to look for dups. (bye the way; Song Sgt. should have a way to not only get rid of dups BUT ALSO keep Albums "whole"... I used it, then had to go back and add the missing songs after changing the Pref's to ignore same songs in different albums... It would be much better if Song Sgt. would keep only one copy of a song but also keep albums populated with all the songs that go with that album using the album info and art...

p.s. If you email me your phone #, I'll give you a quick buzz on my nickel and explain the playlist problem if you are still having problems understanding it...