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NAS issues

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:39 pm
by dbaps
I didn't know there was a version past 1.3 in the App store. I will try the Beta.

I'm experiencing a couple of problems. Sometimes the connection to my Nas is broken and Song sergeant starts saying that songs are missing when they really are not missing.

Many times I get an error saying that my songs have changed and to run the rescan over. It's got to a point where I will stop the scanning process after Song sergeant finds some duplicates.

It would be nice if the software knows when a connection is lost and stops with a pop-up or something to restart at that point.

Also I've tried AFP, SMB, FTP, and NFS connections to the NAS. Is there a suggested protocol for connecting to the NAS with Song Sergeant? FTP and NFS are the fastest protocols for my NAS.

Finally is there a faster way to process deleting duplicates when using a NAS? I'm thinking about putting the Itunes library on the NAS rather than on my workstation to see if that makes a difference. Depending on the number of duplicates, it an take anywhere from 6-12 second to process a delete. I turn on the NAS recycle bin because I'm not comfortable with Song Sergeant just deleting my song files on the NAS. The trash bin doesn't work, it would be too slow anyway.

Oh well, I will try the Beta and see if any of these items work better. If not I may just sync the files to local storage. Work with the files there, then replace them back on the NAS after the cleanup on local storage. The syncing would extend the process, but if I can improve the accuracy and performance of the software with Itunes, it's worth it.

Re: NAS issues

Posted: Fri Mar 08, 2013 7:01 pm
by dbaps
Well since I said so many negative comments I think I should follow up with positive ones and say all of my issues are now resolved.

Three things fixed my problems:

1). Going from 1.3.1 to 1.4 (64-bit) no more memory problems

2). Switched to NFS protocol. I tried Samba, FTP, AFP, and NFS. NFS works really well with Itunes and my Qnap NAS. For anyone interested I love NFS Manager.

3). Created a new Itunes library on my Qnap NAS instead of on my computer. Now deletes are in 2-3 seconds instead of 6-12 seconds or more. HUGE fix for me.